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John was born in San Francisco, CA in 1966. He spent his formative years in Los Angeles, CA with his adoptive parents. After years of wild living he graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1989 with a degree in International Relations. Never having heard the gospel growing up, it was during that time in college (at age 19) that he had a dramatic conversion out of the occult and eastern mysticism --- There, while reading the book of Romans, the Lord opened his eyes to the gospel to trust in Jesus Christ alone.

As a relatively new (zealous) Christian John lived in China for 10 years and studied Mandarin at various institutions including Peking University, where he met his lovely wife. There he worked in various occupations in Beijing (a city with a mere 15 million people), including the Depatment of Commerce at the US Embassy which eventually opened an opportunity which culminated in being a co-founder of, a Chinese internet portal, not unlike Yahoo!. These opportunities created the opportunity to develop many friendships overseas. The Lord has placed a great love of the Chinese people on John's heart and so you might notice some of the Chinese themes that run throughout the website.

Today John is the Director of, a Reformed Christian ministry featuring classic articles and resources of the historic Christian faith.

For the past few years John has been studying theology at RTS Distance. Theologically, John is Reformed, Covenantal, Amillennial, and most importantly, views the unfolding revelation of Scripture as being Christ-centered from beginning to end. He loves to read and sees a need to advance the gospel.

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