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Greg Allen

Greg Allen is a life-long resident of Oregon. He and his wife Sandy were married in 1983 and have three children. Greg has served in the past as an Elder of Salem Alliance Church where he and Sandy also served for a number of years as Shepherding Group leaders. Greg and Sandy are currently attending Immanuel's Reformed Church in Salem, Oregon. Greg also serves on the board of oneTreasure Church, a ministry of reconciliation in Salem that focuses on the proclamation of God's Word, discipleship, and the spreading of His name; all within close community.

Greg is a financial planner in the Lake Oswego, Oregon area.

Nathan Lewis

Nathan E. Lewis was born in 1961 in Grants Pass, Oregon, to Philip and Patricia Lewis. He is one of five children and has spent his childhood in Recife, Brazil; Placentia, California, and Potter Valley, California, where he graduated from high school in 1980. He was baptized in Calvary Church, Placentia by his father, the Reverend Philip E. Lewis. In 1984 Nathan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Biola University. He taught Humanities and English classes at Kelseyville High School on Clear Lake in California. Nathan earned a Master of Divinity at Westminster Seminary in California and was ordained a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in America in 1991.

New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido, California ordained Nathan a ruling elder in 1988 and a teaching elder in 1991. He served as an Associate Pastor until 1992.
On August 19, 1989, Nathan married Glenda Portukalian. They have five children: Hannah, Everett, Benjamin, Sophia, and Jackson.

In October 1992, Nathan and Glenda moved to Cedar Mill, Oregon to plant Evergreen Presbyterian Church. They opened their home initially to eight adults and some children on Sunday nights to pray and to plan the establishment of a new congregation. The plan from the beginning has been to establish a church planting congregation and movement in Oregon. Evergreen was organized as a congregation of the PCA in April, 1997. Nathan was called to be the first Pastor of Evergreen Presbyterian Church.

In 1992 there were two PCA congregations in Oregon. In 2007 there are now five PCA congregations and four missons. Nathan founded the Oregon Mission in 1995 to promote the multiplication of PCA congregations in Oregon toward the formation of an Oregon Presbytery.

In 2001 Nathan and Glenda with other Evergreen members established St. Stephen’s Academy, a Christian, Classical school. Nathan has taught Literature and Composition from time to time at the school and Glenda has team-taught the second grade.
In 2001 he published “In Search of Satisfaction,” a presentation of the ancient wisdom of Ecclesiastes and a presentation of the gospel for the 21st century, to benefit St. Stephen’s Academy.

David A. Thommen

 Pastor-Teacher, Estacada Christian Church Pastoral Chair of Reformation Society of Oregon. Has made contributions of articles and reviews to, Spurgeon Fellowship Journal; and American Theological Inquiry


Tom MacDonald

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